Based at the end of my garden in Hampton, this peaceful setting creates the perfect environment to gather information about your child's speech, language and communication profile in order to plan the next steps. I put your child and your family at the centre of everything we do and this helps us to meet the child's need and have the most impact in everyday activities and participation.

About me

My name is Daisy Childs and I have been working with children in various capacities for 13 years. I have an Undergraduate BSc in Psychology and a Postgraduate Diploma in Speech and Language Therapy. 

I am passionate about children being able to participate meaningfully in their day and understand the expectations of schools and nurseries in relation to attention, listening, speech, language and literacy skills. This is central to therapy and targets and strategies are adapted accordingly. I am trained in  a number of speech, language and therapy approaches and experienced at upskilling communication partners so that they feel confident and empowered to carry out the therapy and support their child themselves.

What I can help with:

I am a qualified speech and language therapist, who specialises in working with children. I have expertise in helping children with a variety of communication needs.

Please contact me if your child has difficulties with:

  • Speech sounds: speech is unclear,  other people struggle to understand what your child says
  • Stammering: speech is not fluent, there are repetitions, pauses and sometimes tension
  • Attention and listening: reduced ability to pay attention and actively listen
  • Understanding: difficulty making sense of what other people say, may struggle to follow spoken instructions
  • Vocabulary: the amount and variety of words your child uses is limited
  • Grammar: the sentences your child builds don’t match those of their peers
  • Social communication: difficulty communicating with other people
  • Autism: difficulty with social communication, sometimes also with speech and language.

What we offer

Each child sees just one Speech and I offer assessment, goal setting and therapy packages which are individually designed for your child.



  • Initial Assessment
  • Informal Assessment
  • Formal Assessment


  • Adult Child Interaction
  • Language individual 
  • Language Group
  • Speech
  • Written language skills


Please email for more informationTRAINING

There is a 50% cancellation fee  if a session is cancelled less than 24 hours before the booked start time.

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Please contact me directly with any questions, comments, or inquiries you may have.   

Tel: 07881676975

Email: daisy@saltinthegarden.co.uk

SALT in the garden

Lavender House, 55a Gloucester rd, Hampton, Middlesex, TW12 2UQ


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